Hawaii Village Communities

Whale Watch Village is an exctiing opportunity to invest into KOhala’s premier ecovillage.  The project is lcoated on 120 acre ocean front property.  The vision, to create a village that is totally off- grid providing it’s own food, water, and energy needs. The project includes large reforestation and agriculture projects.  Stunning Maui views and mountian views, the initial designs for the village were developed by MIT Professor Jan Wampler and students.

All members of eco-village will receive a home with surrounding lands managed by Kukuiwaluhia Foundation, the land stewardship foundation responsible for land management, reforestation and overseeing agricultural projects.

Hawaii Eco-villages offers investment opportunities for people who are looking to create sustianable villages and livelihoods. And people who want to convert there fiat currency and other assets into things that have real intrinsic value, namely water, food and energy security.  When you buy into a Hawaii Eco-villages, you gain access to an ecologically biodiverse sanctuary in Hawaii that provides an abundance of food, water, and energy needs.  Hawaii Eco-villages offers members an opportunity to escape failing cities, developments and governments.


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